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- By Robert Kagan

The Battle of Lafayette Square and the undermining of American democracyWe cannot rely on the military’s refusal to deploy against American citizens. [...]

- By Wil Haygood

The police no longer need the cover of darkness to kill innocent black peopleWhite juries have had trouble convicting officers for as long as police officers have killed innocen [...]

- By Salman Rushdie

I’ve seen dictators rise and fall. Beware, America.Don’t believe that it can’t happen here. [...]

- By Megan McArdle

Cities will make a comeback after the coronavirus. They almost always do.Some things just can’t replace human connection. [...]

- By Leana Wen

I want meaningful justice reform. I also worry about the health effects of protests.Institutional racism and injustice are at the root of disparate outcomes in health. We must do bette [...]

- By Craig Spencer

The strange new quiet in New York emergency roomsThis trauma for health-care workers will last far longer than the pandemic. [...]

- By Karen Attiah

#BlackOutTuesday was a case study in how performative solidarity goes awryThe social media mess was a teachable moment; more are sure to follow. [...]