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- By Gabriel Foley and Jordan Rutter

What Confederate statues and some American bird names have in commonHaving a species named after you is an honor. Not everyone deserves it.

- By John W. Rogers Jr. and Charles A. Tribbett

If corporations want to stop racism, here’s where they can startPeople, purchasing and philanthropy, in that order.

- Editorial Board

Even Republicans found a Trump nominee too bigoted. Trump appointed him anyway.An unsuitable nominee is appointed to an acting Pentagon position that doesn’t require confirmation.

- By Karen Bass and Stacey Abrams

Trump is resurrecting the census’s horrific historyHis action to exclude undocumented people from the census holds terrible echoes of erasure and exclu

- By Max Boot

What will Trump do to win? Here are nine possible October surprises — and one November surprise.He’ll do whatever it takes to stay in power.

- By Matt Bai

The one thing Joe Biden should think about in a running mateWhat matters is whether she can be president.

- By Katrina vanden Heuvel

Biden’s running mate matters. So does his Cabinet.His choices provide a chance to reimagine the leadership we need.