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- By Fred Hiatt

The White House offers senators a false, and poisonous, choiceRepublicans no more than Democrats can dodge the consequences of their vote on Trump. [...]

- By Edward Snowden

Trump has created a global playbook to attack those revealing uncomfortable truthsBrazil's charges against Glenn Greenwald are a threat to press freedoms everywhere. [...]

- By Nancy Gertner

William Barr’s new war on drugsWe must do everything we can to stop the opioid epidemic but not with the failed policies of the pas [...]

- By Molly Roberts

Mr. Peanut’s death is a marketing gimmick. But boy, does it work.The company has snatched victory from the nut-cracking jaws of defeat. [...]

- By P.J. O'Rourke

Please join me in the political far-middleA manifesto for extreme moderation and the rise of the political far-middle [...]

- By Rachel Figueroa

Bloomberg asked @ElBloombito to help his campaign. Here’s why I said no.How a Twitter parody account has drawn the attention of a presidential effort. [...]

- By Robert Samuelson

America’s debt spree isn’t stopping. It might soon be too late.Americans have gotten used to Big Government while paying only for smaller government. [...]