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- By Parjanya Christian Holtz

How Hong Kong’s protests became a de facto war about the future of democracyParjanya Christian Holtz follows a teacher, a student and a tech worker who have sacrificed thousand [...]

- By Christina Koch and Jessica Meir

It’s tough being small in a big-suit world. We still spacewalked.Female spacewalkers have been disadvantaged by their size. Things are changing. [...]

- Editorial Board

Bolivia is in danger of slipping into anarchy. It’s Evo Morales’s fault.He continues to stoke chaos in his country since stepping down from the presidency. [...]

- By Katrina vanden Heuvel

From the hope of 1989 to a new Cold WarThirty years after the Berlin Wall’s collapse, alternatives do exist to the deep divisions in Europe [...]

- By Helaine Olen

Chuck Schumer’s foolishly kind words about Rep. Peter KingSeriously? [...]

- By Catherine Rampell

We thought Trump was the biggest con man. We were all wrong.Somehow they’ve “tricked” him into saying and doing racist and corrupt things, in public and on came [...]

- By Charles Lane

Eastern Europe is headed toward a demographic crisisPopulation decline and populist reaction seem likely to persist and interact for the foreseeable fut [...]