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- By George Will

For the sake of the country, cancel the remaining debatesThose who watched Tuesday’s mess expecting a train wreck were not disappointed.

- By David Ignatius

Two strategically sensitive countries are on the verge of war — and Trump is missing in actionThe U.S. watches from the sidelines as tensions spike between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

- By J.J. McCullough

Trudeau says he wants to tackle systemic racism. He should start with reforming bilingualism.Those with impeccable skills in both French and English tend to be pulled from a rather narrow cultu

- By Hugh Hewitt

Watch out for desperate late hits by Democrats trying to torpedo BarrettA scramble to derail yet another Republican Supreme Court nominee can be expected.

- By Dana Milbank

Trump backs violent white supremacists. There’s no way around it.Proud Boys members continue to bask in the embrace of the president.

- By Randall Eliason

Andrew Weissmann’s book is a public betrayal of MuellerProsecutor Andrew Weissmann violated norms with his new book on the Mueller probe.

- By Donna Edwards

Cancel the remaining presidential debates. We can’t have a repeat of the first one.Tuesday night’s spectacle was a service to no one.