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The 2018 decline in the rate of growth in trade volume is a warning to the White House. [...]

His statement about the Saudis had no mention of America’s values. [...]

DeVos restores the right to cross-examination. Democrats are outraged. [...]

Coming to the U.S. always took courage and tolerance for risk, traits that are still part of the cou [...]

Focus on infrastructure, information sharing, and separating scientific advisors from regulators. [...]

DeSantis owes his win to unexpected support from minority women. [...]

If the president adds some free-trade features to the implementing legislation, I could support USMC [...]

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- By Tom Toles

Happy Thanksgiving. Yes, your uncle may be crazy.But don't argue about it at dinner. [...]

- By Ann Telnaes

A Thanksgiving Day parade of griftersThe Trump family finances have much to be thankful for. [...]

- By Paul Waldman

How Matthew Whitaker’s ‘wingnut welfare’ stint made him perfect for TrumpBut who paid the acting attorney general all that money? [...]

- By By Paul WaldmanGreg Sargent

No, Trump isn’t putting ‘America first.’ He’s putting himself first.A subtle but pernicious narrative is taking hold on the Khashoggi killing. [...]

- By Jennifer Rubin

Happy ThanksgivingOpen thread [...]

- James Kirchick

How much blame does Trump truly bear for the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting?Jews should be especially sensitive about a president who scapegoats and lies so often. [...]

- Elizabeth Bruenig

Thanksgiving is a day to stop leaning in — and lean back insteadWe should take a cue from the medieval world and feast more often. [...]