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Democrats won’t talk even after Trump offers extended legal status. [...]

China’s weakest growth in 30 years shows the logic of a trade deal. [...]

A trenchant critic of liberal schemes for social reform. [...]

Liberals used to champion due process and the rights of the accused. These days they’re more selecti [...]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s proposal would smother investment and innovation, leaving America poorer. [...]

Its leaders’ anti-Semitism drives off the Democratic Party and the Southern Poverty Law Center. [...]

The New Yorker’s ads for the rich support writers who hate the hands that feed them. [...]

Opinion News by Washington Post

- Editorial Board

We need Martin Luther King Jr.’s prophetic vision even more nowTo judge by his words, King would see our current authoritarian rulers for what they are. [...]

- By Tom Toles

A concise White House job descriptionAlmost as brief as the job itself. [...]

- By Ann Telnaes

Trump continues to hold federal workers hostageThe president continues to use Americans and their paychecks to get $5.7 billion from the Democrats [...]

- By Paul Waldman

Happy Hour RoundupOur nightly wrap-up of news and opinion. [...]

- By Jennifer Rubin

Trump’s America or MLK’s AmericaWhat kind of country do we want? [...]

- Dana Milbank

The uncanny similarities between President Trump and Martin Luther King Jr.Vice President Pence likened the actions of the president with the words of the slain civil rights l [...]

- Catherine Rampell

The GOP has become the pro-Russia partyRepublicans are supporting policies they once abhorred. [...]