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Iowa snow display targeting Democrats is widely condemned in cityIowa city leaders denounced a local resident's snow display that depicted a figure gunning down [...]

Biden accepts Sanders apology over unofficial surrogate’s blistering op-edJoe Biden, the 2020 Democratic frontrunner, accepted challenger Sen. Bernie Sanders’ apology late Mo [...]

Senate impeachment trial set to begin as Trump adds last-minute reinforcements to defense teamAfter an opening salvo of back-and-forth arguments from President Trump's attorneys and Democra [...]

Who is John Sullivan? What to know about the new US ambassador to RussiaJohn Sullivan, the Trump-picked U.S. ambassador to Russia, arrived in Moscow last week at a time of [...]

Trump impeachment: How the Senate trial's first day may proceed, hour by hourHere is how things are expected go down Tuesday in the Senate for President Trump’s impeachment tria [...]

AOC declares Democrats a 'center-conservative' party: We don't have a 'left party' in this countryRep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., concluded on Monday that the Democratic Party is a "cent [...]

Bloomberg willing to spend 'whatever it takes' in 2020 White House bid: campaign managerDemocratic presidential hopeful Mike Bloomberg is willing to "spend whatever it takes" to [...]

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One contentious issue will be whether to call witnesses. Democrats want to call John Bolton and othe [...]

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Specific rules for the trial have yet to be released by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.A key questi [...]

The draft organizing resolution for the trial would not automatically admit evidence from the impeac [...]

We asked all the candidates running for president in 2020 how they would handle immigration and acce [...]

Kellyanne Conway's comments to NBC News came the day before the Senate impeachment trial of Pre [...]

Lev Parnas, the ex-ally of Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, accuses Attorney General William Barr of conf [...]