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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey pledges $3M to guaranteed income programs     - CNETA network of more than a dozen mayors is battling the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus airborne spread: WHO calls for more evidence on COVID-19 transmission     - CNETExperts claim COVID-19 can spread through the air, but the WHO believes the science isn't defin

The Far Side cartoonist Gary Larson debuts first new comics in 25 years     - CNETCow monsters, aliens, and bears, oh my! Larson releases the first set of new comics since his retire

Google says it's updating Android faster, trying to fix a longtime problem     - CNETThe search giant says it rolled out its COVID-19 contact tracing tools to 2 billion devices over the

PlayStation Store sale: 6 discounted PS4 games to buy now     - CNETThe PlayStation Store's July Savings sale is live.

Facebook pulls down fake accounts and pages linked to Roger Stone     - CNETThe network of fake accounts was most active from 2015 to 2017.

Wake up, Mr. West: Kanye's anti-vax conspiracies are dangerous and ill-informed     - CNETCommentary: The rapper says "they want to put chips inside of us" and is "extremely c

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According to a report in Politico, California has become the 49th state to launch an antitrust inves

The Trump administration is set to finalize regulations this week that ban the United States governm

On Monday, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the U.S. is “looking at” banning Chinese so

A beta version of Apple’s latest mobile operating system is available to the public, Coinbase may go

PC shipments had a rough first quarter for all of the same reasons as everything that isn’t a Clorox

In a statement issued this week, the U.S. Treasury Department notes that Amazon has agreed to pay $1

Harley-Davidson, the storied and struggling Milwaukee-based company that last year launched its firs