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YouTube CEO apologizes after verification uproar     - CNETThe Google-owned site said it's tightening verification restrictions, and creators are furious. [...]

Google reportedly attains 'quantum supremacy'     - CNETIts quantum computer can solve tasks that are otherwise unsolvable, a report says. [...]

Lime's car-sharing service is kaput after pilot program in Seattle     - RoadshowLimePod, as the service is known, started last November. [...]

Climate strike spurs tech giants onto the bandwagon, website blackouts     - CNETTech companies tout new devotion to sustainability as students and others join thousands of climate [...]

California sues Trump administration over revoked clean-car standards     - RoadshowCalifornia leads 23 other states also backing the lawsuit after the Trump administration revoked the [...]

Best smart plugs of 2019     - CNETSmartening dumb devices has never been easier. These plugs are your best bets for a connected home. [...]

Area 51 memes: Watch a guy Naruto run behind a reporter on live TV     - CNETThe viral event in Nevada to "see them aliens" is finally happening, and so are the memes. [...]

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Back in January, Blackstone — the investment firm whose assets under management surpassed a jaw-drop [...]

Yesterday, software development tool maker Chef found itself in the middle of a firestorm after a Tw [...]

We’re going to try something new at Disrupt this year, based on the great response we’ve been gettin [...]

Matchstick Ventures, a seed-stage firm that says it invests in “rapidly growing, yet underserved sta [...]

The FAA has warned against equipping your drone with weapons such as flamethrowers and handguns. But [...]

John Maeda has been a professor at the MIT Media Lab, president of the Rhode Island School of Design [...]

Less than 24 hours after YouTube announced that it would be changing its creator verification proces [...]